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6 Week Gut Renew Programme

This programme is aimed at supporting people with IBS who want to get to the bottom of their symptoms and address the root cause.

We follow the functional medicine 5R protocol of Remove, Replace, Re-inoculate, Repair and Retain using a change in diet and quality supplements by Nutri Advanced to to Renew your gut health and improve wellbeing.

What's included

  • Health Questionnaire - to check your suitability for the programme

  • A consultation with a registered Nutritional Therapist

  • Lifestyle Tips - Gives you 7 simple lifestyle tips that are an essential part of the programme

  • Food List - The list of foods you CAN eat on the programme

  • Menu Planner - 7 days worth of ideas

  • Quick & Easy Meal & Snack Ideas - A list of resources for when time and resources are limited

  • Easy Cheats - to give you some easy off-the-shelf options

  • Shopping List - A list of foods and where to buy them

  • Recipes - Food, juice, smoothies, soups and fermented foods

  • Supplement Regime - The Nutri Advanced 6 week Supplement Regime

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