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The 4 Week Energy Transformation Programme for Tired Postpartum Mums

I have some exciting news to share for all Mums in their fourth trimester!

I am about to launch my new programme on Monday 16th November, The 4 Week Energy Transformation Programme for Tired Postpartum Mums, to help tired Mums in their fourth trimester regain their energy, improve their mood and stress less.

You have most likely heard of postnatal depression, clinical depression involving the lack of pleasure or joy from a situation. Your midwife may have discussed the signs and symptoms with you and your doctor may have asked you a few questions surrounding your mental health in your 6 week check-up. But has anyone discussed postnatal depletion with you? And what even is it?

Postnatal depletion is a relatively new term coined by the Australian Doctor Oscar Serrallach. He describes a collection of symptoms from hormonal, physiological, psychological, mental and emotional changes that happen to a mother after she gives birth. Although the term is relatively new, I bet every single Mumma reading this can relate to at least one, or more, of these symptoms included in postnatal depletion even if you gave birth 10 years ago:

· Intense fatigue and exhaustion

· Anxiety

· Hypervigilance (feeling constantly wired)

· Easily startled and sensitive to bright light

· Difficulty concentrating (baby brain)

· Poor libido

· Poor Immune function (mastitis, catching every cold going, reoccurring infections).

· Loss of confidence and self-esteem

These are the symptoms I hear about all the time in clinic and although they can be normal to experience the severity and frequency that we experience them can be toned down with the help of the right macro and micro nutrients and help from supplements if needed.

The 4 Week Energy Transformation Programme for Tired Postpartum Mums

That’s why I have created my new programme – The 4 Week Energy Transformation Programme for Tired Postpartum Mums!

"Say goodbye to overwhelm, exhaustion and brain fog"

This is for Mums or health care professionals supporting new Mums who want to know how to get their energy back, eat well to support sleep and mood.

This is an incredible programme where we will work together to set attainable goals over the 4 weeks to support your health and wellbeing as a new Mum focusing on your energy levels, restoring sleep, breastmilk supply, reducing anxiety and supporting mental health with diet and lifestyle adjustments.

The programme is based around 4x weekly meal plans with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that you can make at home for you and your family. The menu plan takes into account that time may be limited and energy may be low, believe me I’ve been there so I want to make it as easy as possible to help you succeed.

Shopping lists are included as is the nutrition information.