Pregnancy & Postnatal Workshops

Growing a baby places a huge strain on our bodies as the fetus draws on the mothers supply of nutrients to grow and develop. Our blood volume increases to fill the placenta with a rich supply of nutrients for our baby and our muscles are stretched to make room for 9 months of growing a new life. If we don't replace the vital nutrients in our own bodies we are likely to experience pregnancy symptoms at an increased level.

Alongside these huge changes over the course of 9 months we may experience other pregnancy symptoms such as stretch marks, weight gain, heart burn, nausea, dizziness, constipation, itching, leg cramps...the list goes on!

Nutritional therapy can lend a natural approach to a healthy pregnancy by looking at your overall health and applying an individualised diet, lifestyle and supplement plan to help you feel at your best.

All my workshops have moved online. Please contact me if you would like a bespoke workshop or check out my instagram @seednutritionaltherapy for more online events.

I cover topics such as:

How to deal with pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy

How to increase energy levels for tired mums,

How to promote physical recovery after childbirth,

How to maintain a healthy immune system after childbirth,

How to boost milk supply,

Advice on what to eat and recipes for busy mums.

2 Hour Workshops £15 per person 

For more information please use the contacts form or email me at with the topic of your workshop and the number of people attending.

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