Rescue™ Remedy
Dr Bach created an emergency combination containing five flower remedies - Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis.

Rescue Remedy combines these five Bach Original Flower Remedies and can be used to help you cope with a range of situations from immediate everyday stressful situations, anxiety surrounding childbirth and becoming a new mother to postnatal anxiety.

You can take Bach Original Flower Remedies as often as you want. If you are in a mood or a bit of a crisis, you only may need one dose, but if you've been feeling the same way for some time you can take them as long as you need to.

Rescue Remedy Spray 7ml

SKU: 000012
  • Activate the spray pump before use. Bring spray nozzle up to mouth and apply 2 sprays on the tongue. Do not spray into the throat or eyes. Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

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