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Cacao & Orange Medicinal Energy Balls

I make these as part of the quarterly wellness retreats I'm involved in and they always go down a storm as the perfect snack in between exercise sessions. I also make these (minus the flaxseed) for my daughters lunch box as a sweet treat snack because her school is seed and nut free.

These ones contain medicinal mushroom powder although you can still make these without and they taste great. Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to help with immunity. They contain a type of polysaccardide called beta-d-glucan which can help support the immune system. These clever mushrooms can either up regulate our immune system to fight infection or down regulate an overactive immune system to support the allergic response.

They also contain cacao, which is good for immune health because it is a rich source of antioxidants, such as flavonoids, which help reduce oxidative stress, support the body's defence against harmful free radicals, and contribute to a stronger immune system, as well as providing essential minerals like magnesium and zinc that are crucial for immune function and overall health.


  • 100g ground oats

  • 200g Medjool Dates soaked and blended into a paste

  • 80g Flaxseed (ground)

  • 60g Cacao

  • 8 Cacao butter buttons

  • 4 tsps Vanilla extract

  • Food grade orange extract 3 drops

  • 2 tbsp Odourless coconut oil 

  • 2 tsp Mushroom super blend (Origins)


  • Blend the oats and flaxseed into a flour consistency. 

  • In a bain-marie heat the cacao butter and coconut oil in a glass bowl 

  • Add the cacao powder and vanilla extract to the warm liquid and mix

  • Then add in your date paste and mix

  • Finally add the oat and flax powder and mix together until a dry mixture forms. You may need to add more oats or more melted coconut oil until the consistency is right for rolling into balls.

  • Before rolling add in your orange extract 

(Soak your dates in some hot water the night before or at least 4 hours before and then blend into a paste. Alternatively you can buy date paste)

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