Clare Young | Registered Nutritional Therapist

Hi I’m Clare, I’m a nutritionist and I specialise in pre and postnatal health. I help exhausted Mums who are struggling to prioritise their own health. I help reduce the overwhelm so they feel nourished, empowered and reenergised.

I offer online 1-1 nutritional therapy consultations in the UK and World Wide.

Helping Mothers and Mothers to be have a healthy happy pregnancy and recovery into the Fourth Trimester using a wholefood diet, high quality supplements, functional testing and a holistic outlook.

If you need help with pregnancy symptoms, feel exhausted all the time,

want to increase breast milk supply, looking for ways you can support your immunity, are suffering from digestive issues and want to put your own health first then you've come to the right place!

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Take Control of  Your Health - in Motherhood

Personalised 1-1 packages and group programmes to help you regain your true self




Need some help with your little fussy eaters?

  • Learn why healthy eating is so important for early years children,

  • What is fussy eating,

  • Tips to help you approach fussy eating,

  • Children and sugar,

  • How to encourage children to try new foods,

  • How to make meal times less stressful,

  • And all your questions answered!

26 Pages of useful approaches to help your child try different foods and eat a varied diet

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Pregnant Belly

Pre-conception and Pregnancy Nutrition

  • What to eat during pregnancy

  • Important nutrients for a growing baby

  • Nutrition for pregnancy symptoms

  • Weight loss/gain

  • Nutritional defiencies

Mother and Baby

Postnatal & Breastfeeding Nutrition

  • How to increase breastmilk supply

  • Maternal Nutritional deficiencies

  • How to improve energy levels

  • Postnatal healing and recovery

  • How to prevent postnatal depletion

The 4 Week Transformation Programme for Tired Postpartum Mums

Next group programme starts Monday 15th March 2021

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I share my tips on self-care for Mum's during lockdown over on the MAMA MADE blog.

Mama Made is a London based Organic Baby Food Company making fresh to frozen healthy baby food, delivered to your door with all natural ingredients

Pachamama is a network of Mama's, experts and health practitioners offering event's, classes and a supportive community.

I address the signs and solutions of Postnatal Depletion

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I am a NESSA ambassador. 

Body care for women going through hormonal changes

From pregnancy to menopause (and everything in between) designed to give your skin the support it needs.

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Now Available for Virtual Consultations

If you are unable to come to a face to face appointment I can see you virtually via my online clinic room for the duration of your programme 


The Nourished Mumma Box has been created for pregnant and new Mums as a source of self-care goodness with purpose. Every item in the box has been thoughtfully chosen to target three key areas:

Relaxation, Restoration and Nourishment

The perfect gift for a Mumma in need of some self-care

Maternal Circle

A Facebook Pregnancy Support Group, for Mum's in Bath, run by 4 practitioners specialising in pre and postnatal health.

We would love to support you in our group of Mum's to be.

We offer support and guidance in a variety of prenatal areas to provide you with valuable information that supports your health and wellbeing during pregnancy.

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