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"I have tried every diet under the sun and I have never been successful at losing weight. After discussing my new eating plan with Clare and following the 12 week plan to reduce sugar in my diet I now have much more energy, less brain fog and I am happier with my body" 

Sadie / Keynsham / Retail Manager

Amazing first appointment with Clare today. Some brilliant, simple, super healthy tips on boosting my energy levels during pregnancy. Looking forward to our next appointment. Thanks so much Clare.

Emma / Corsham / Marketing Manager

I am so passionate about the role of nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy and post partum. I love working with clients to help guide and support them to achieve a healthy pregnancy and recovery

Clare, Seed Nutrition

Individualised Support to Achieve Your Goals

Specialised Packages

Postnatal Nutrition Support Package

This specialised package focuses on aiding your body's recovery from childbirth to help you feel the best you can whilst getting used to life as a Muma!


The consultations will look at how to:


Aid your body's recovery after birth

Help balance mood and emotions

Produce nutrient rich milk

Restore nutrient levels 

Restore energy levels

Support tissue healing and rebuilding

1x initial consultation and 2x follow up appointments

3x 30 minute phone support in between appointments

for £235 (saving 10%)

(all appointments must be taken within 6 months of first appointment)

Optimum Nutrition in Pregnancy

This personalised package looks at the nutrient levels needed to support you and your growing baby as the requirements change through each trimester.

I can support you with pregnancy conditions and symptoms by looking at diet, lifestyle and supplements. I also offer laboratory testing such as genetic or hormone at an extra cost.

1x initial consultation in first trimester and 2x follow up appointments in the following trimesters

for £235 (saving 10%)

(all appointments to be taken by the end of your third trimester)

Digestive Disorders & Food Allergy Management

The Guidance You Need

Good health starts in the gut. Your digestive system is one of the most important systems in your body and if it is not functioning properly is can cause many seemingly unrelated symptoms. It's key functions are to digest, absorb, eliminate.

If all or one of these functions is not working properly it can cause allergies, food intolerances, bloating, headaches, joint pain, migraines, fatigue, weight gain, weight loss, constipation, auto-immune diseases and many more!

This specialised package includes: 

1x initial 90 minutes consultation and 5x 30 minute follow up appointments

Guidance and support on how to reduce sugar in your diet

for £297 (saving 10%)

(appointments must all be taken within 12 weeks of initial consultation)

*Any testing and supplements recommended come at an extra cost

Doctor adjusting balance on weighing scale

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