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Gut Health

Have you been given the diagnosis of IBS but now don't know where to go next?

Do you suffer with constant bloating?

Irregular bowel movements?

Feel sluggish and suffer with brain fog?

Are you reacting to foods but can't figure out which one?

I offer a combination of consultations with additional lab testing and supplements to look further into the cause of your IBS and help you formulate a plan to address the underlying issue and manage symptoms.

IgG Food Intolerance Testing (blood spot)

IgG Food intolerance testing is a great place to start when addressing gut health issues. I offer test options with a 30 minute result review or a 1 full 1 hour consultation both are for 200 foods plus there is a vegan testing option available. The test uses a blood spot sample you can do at home.

·       Test +30 minute review of results over the phone £155

·       Test + 1:1 private consultation and plan included. £210

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube


I offer one to one personalised  consultation packages to help address the root cause of your IBS

Prices start from £165 for a 2 x consultation package

(testing is extra)


Microbiome Stool Testing

Comprehensive Stool Testing measures key microbial markers related to chronic health conditions and to address gut dysfunction. It may be useful if suffering from:

·       Autoimmune diseases

·       IBS/IBD

·       Digestive complaints, diarrhea/ constipation

·       Brain fog

·       Skin problems, like acne and psoriasis

·       Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety

Prices start at £236

Book a free enquiry call to find out more

Pink Apple

6 Week Gut Renew Programme

Gut health is at the very foundation of good health overall. This programme uses a functional medicine approach to gut health spread out over 6 weeks and is a great starting point for anyone wanting to improve their health from the foundation up.

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