Emma, Business Developer

Amazing first appointment with Clare today. Some brilliant, simple, super healthy tips on boosting my energy levels during pregnancy. Looking forward to our next appointment. Thanks so much Clare.

Francesca, Wedding Stylist

Clare was so helpful when I contacted her in regards to the dietary issues I was having around gluten and dairy.
She provided me with a lot of relevant information and research into the possible causes and how I could make changes to my diet to work out what was causing the problems.

Maddie, New Mum

I have been finding weaning very overwhelming, this helped me get more food ideas and understand what, when and how much is okay for my baby, Thank you.

Sadie, Retail Manager

Clare has helped me immensely to get my diet right and help me with targeted weight loss. I feel much better about myself and can really tell the difference her advice has made. Thank you

Sarah, Musician

Clare is an excellent practitioner, she is kind, caring and informative. Her thorough plan, explanation and advice was more than I expected. I've seen a marked improvement and Clare's follow ups are giving me the motivation and encouragement to stick to the plan. Thank so much for all you do Clare.

Sarah, New mum

I went to a Baby Nutrition and weaning talk as I felt absolutely clueless and confused! I am so pleased I did - the session was really well structured and the materials were fantastic too - the prints outs had lots of details and will be a really useful reference point going forwards. Thank you Clare!

Ellena, Osteopath

Clare helped me get to the bottom of digestive and energy problems I had post partum. She arranged appropriate tests and then advised me on specific dietary supplements and changes. Without her insight I would still be suffering unnecessarily so I am very grateful and can't recommend her enough.

Holly, New mum

Thank you so much -I feel so much more confident and am excited to start this journey

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