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Toddler & Child Sessions

Our children are our future and nutrition plays a very important part in a child's growth, development and behaviour.

I am mother to my 6 year old daughter and I believe passionately in the health and happiness of our children. Nutrients from our food help to build and fuel a growing child so it is important they get the correct balance in their diet.

Parents typically bring their child to see me with:

  • skin issues such as eczema, rashes,

  • digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea,

  • behaviour, mood difficulties,

  • allergies and intolerances

  • baby weaning,

  • fussy eating

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Baby with Wooden Toy

Child Consultations

A consultation package consists of:

1x initial 40 minute consultation

1x 30 minute follow up


  • Before your 40 minute consultation you will be sent a detailed health questionnaire to fill out about your child and send back before we meet.

  • A written diet and lifestyle plan emailed to you within a week of your consultation.

  • Supplement recommendations if needed

  • 15% supplement discount

Appointments are available through my online clinic 



Need some help with your little fussy eaters?

  • Learn why healthy eating is so important for early years children,

  • What is fussy eating,

  • Tips to help you approach fussy eating,

  • Children and sugar,

  • How to encourage children to try new foods,

  • How to make meal times less stressful,

  • And all your questions answered!

26 Pages of useful approaches to help your child try different foods and eat a varied diet

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