The Tired Mum Programmes are over a 12 week period and are individually tailored to support and coach you to achieve your health goals. The three programmes provide different levels of support with prices starting at £315.

Organic Blueberries


This is ideal for mum's who need guidance in understanding the 'why' behind their symptoms and for those who require coaching towards better health with a nutrition plan and lifestyle guidance. The programme would suit those who are self motivated and happy with monthly support rather than weekly



This programme would suit mum's who are ready for more 1-to-1 contact allowing me to support you to reach your health goals. This programme offers support calls every 2 weeks  in between consultations to coach and advice you through your health journey.

Healthy Breakfast


If you really want to get to grips with your health and energy, transform your way of eating and benefit from support and coaching every step of the way, on a weekly basis, this programme is for you.

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