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The Nourished Bump & Mumma Programmes are individually tailored to support and coach you to achieve your health goals. I feel so passionate about the role of nutrition in not only preventing ill health but helping make our lives easier and healthier for us and our babies.

Choose from either Bump or Mumma with three programme options to provide different levels of support with prices starting at £315.

Reasons to book on the programmes:

  • Do you need guidance and knowledge to support a healthy pregnancy?

  • Are you looking to encourage a quick and healthy recovery from child birth?

  • Are you looking to change your current diet and lifestyle and improve your overall health pre-conception or during postnatal recovery?

  • Do you need guidance to support a vegetarian or vegan family diet?

On this 1-1 programme we focus on pre-conception health and growing a healthy baby.

We cover:

  • Important lifestyle changes for pre-conception and pregnancy

  • What to eat in pregnancy

  • Foods to avoid in pregnancy

  • Managing pregnancy symptoms

  • Prevention of nutritional deficiencies

  • Vegan and Vegetarian diets

  • Nutrition to support the growth of a health baby

Click on the link above to book a free phone call and have a chat to discuss your health goals.

On this 1-1 programme we focus on your recovery from childbirth and getting you back to feeling your absolute best!

We cover:

  • Foods to support breastfeeding

  • How to avoid postnatal depletion

  • Lifestyle guidance for better sleep

  • How to support energy levels

  • Protecting your mental health

  • Prevention or correction of nutritional deficiencies

  • How to manage allergies in baby and Mumma

  • Macro/Micro nutrients for Mumma and Baby

Click on the link above to book a free phone call and have a chat to discuss your health goals

Organic Blueberries



This is ideal for mum's who need guidance in understanding the 'why' behind their symptoms and for those who require coaching towards better health with a nutrition plan and lifestyle guidance. The programme would suit those who are self motivated and happy with monthly support rather than weekly




This programme would suit mum's who are ready for more 1-to-1 contact allowing me to support you to reach your health goals. This programme offers support calls every 2 weeks  in between consultations to coach and advice you through your health journey.

Healthy Breakfast



If you really want to get to grips with your health and energy, transform your way of eating and benefit from support and coaching every step of the way, on a weekly basis, this programme is for you.

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