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Starts from £315

Mother and Baby


Motherhood is a journey that's different for everybody. Some of us may struggle to conceive, others may experience a whole wrath of pregnancy symptoms whilst others sail through. Some Mothers may struggle to adapt to their new 'self' and others may wonder if they will ever feel normal again in their sleep deprived state.

You are not alone and there is a solution to the way you feel

I am here to support you on your journey to feel like you again

"Clare helped me get to the bottom of digestive and energy problems I had post partum. Without her insight I would still be suffering unnecessarily. I am very grateful and can't recommend her enough"

I offer Nutrition Packages for every stage of motherhood

Pregnant Belly

Personalised 1-1 Packages

Pre-conception and Pregnancy Nutrition

Whether you need to resolve current health issues prior to conception, are struggling to conceive or need help to address pregnancy symptoms I look holistically for any possible dysfunction and underlying causes.

You can choose to work with me on a 3 month plan or 4 month, or 7 month plan.

Mother and Baby

Personalised 1-1 Packages

Postnatal & Breastfeeding Nutrition

After filling in the initial health questionnaire I will work with you to understand your postpartum goals. I usually help clients with:

- hormone balancing

- breastmilk supply

- weight loss

- sleep issues

- energy

- gut health

Start from £300

Start from £300


As a mother, I am passionate about Children's Health and giving children the best start in life. 

There are many ways in which nutrition and wellbeing changes can positively affect your child's health.

In clinic I see children with allergies, intolerances, weaning, fussy eating, mood and behaviour issues, constipation and other digestive problems

Baby Cuddles

Mummy Nutrition MOT 

This is a NEW service that has been created to support new Mum's with a one-off postnatal recovery plan including nutrition and lifestyle changes with supplement recommendations.

There is lots of information regarding physical recovery using exercises and emotional support with talking therapies but little about how nutrition and lifestyle can benefit you as a new mother. This consultation offers practical advice about what to eat, when to eat, a weekly menu plan with easy recipes to follow plus tips tricks to make your life easier with a new-born.

Cost £90

Cost £90

Toddler & Child 


Diet Plan

Diet Diary Review

This service is perfect if you don't need a full consultation about your health but are looking to improve your diet. 

You might be removing food groups from your diet such as dairy or gluten and need some help and ideas or you might be feeling unwell and need me to access what healthy changes you can make to your diet.

What you get:

After sending me your 5 day food diary I will send you:

  1. A written analysis of foods to introduce that you are lacking in your diet and how this will help you

  2. Which nutrients you are deficient in (in reference to your diet diary)

  3. Some recipes to get you started with your positive changes

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

Testing Packages

Gut Health, Food Intolerance and Nutrient Levels

Functional Testing can provide a clear picture of any nutrient deficiencies you have that may be the cause of your health issues.


I provide stool testing for gut health, food intolerance and blood and urine analysis to test for nutrient levels.

You will receive a feedback consultation to discuss your results and put a plan together of how to address this.

You will leave with: 

  1. A detailed report of your blood analysis,

  2. understanding of your results,

  3. a diet and lifestyle plan to help address any deficiencies 

  4. recipes to help you get started.

Prices start at £200

Cost £55

Personalised Nutritional Therapy Consultations

The Seed Nutrition Method

I follow the naturopathic principles of diet and lifestyle that prevention is preferable to cure. I seek to educate, empower and coach my clients to take responsibility for their own health. If that is what you are looking for you have come to the right place!

  • I look to find the root cause of your problem rather than the symptoms alone. The aim is to correct the imbalance rather than cover it up with a cream or medication. Ailments should not be suppressed, symptoms are there for a reason and this is what I aim to uncover in the consultation.

  • The whole person is treated considering your mental, physical and emotional state of wellbeing with the question asked as to why you are feeling the way you do, not how can I stop the symptoms alone.

  • You are individual and what is right for you may not be right for someone else. That is why your nutrition plan will be tailored to your health goals based on your past and current health, taking into account your likes and dislikes.

  • Whether you are looking to support a healthy pregnancy free of symptoms, would like guidance on how to recover quickly from childbirth, need support with starting a healthy lifestyle or you want to tackle a more chronic disease Nutritional Therapy has something for everyone.

Initial consultations, including a detailed health questionnaire before hand, start at

£120 for 1 session (60minutes)

Follow up appointments are £80 for 1 session (30 minutes)


Children's consultations are £90 for 1 session (45 minutes)








I offer three packages on sliding scale which include private face to face consultations, a series of support calls, online coaching, and functional testing if required.

Modern medicine looks to treat your condition acting as a plaster to cover up the issue. In the consultation I look for the underlying root cause of your symptoms and support your body towards healing and optimising function.


Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Motherhood







Health talks

I am available for health talks and workshops on a range of topics

and will happily tailor the content to your requirements.

Previous topics I have spoken about are:


Baby nutrition and weaning

Child tummy troubles and food intolerances

How to be a healthy vegan

Nutrition for Postnatal Recovery 

Pregnancy Nutrition

Energy boosters for tired mum's

Fight fatigue

I am available to speak at retreats, cafe's, nursery schools,

children's centres and more

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