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Raw Pistachio, Matcha & Cacao cake

I absolutely love this raw cake recipe. It feels like a naughty treat but it's actually full of goodness. It's also dairy free and gluten free so what's not to love!!

There is a big trend on socials at the moment using pistachio in recipes. Particularly the Dubai Chocolate bar trend. I love pistachio and as I kept seeing more and more recipes with this as an ingredient I couldn't resist trying my own with ingredients I love using.

This cake consists of 3 layers and can be frozen to eat another time. It's actually really nice semi defrosted. It's super simple to make but as it takes a while to harden each layer before adding the next it takes a little time to prepare. I usually do this one whilst cooking something else in the kitchen.

Base biscuit layer:

120g of ground almonds.

60g of ground pecans

2 tbsp of coconut oil

pinch of salt

Middle matcha layer:

1/2 400ml can of coconut cream,

2 tsp of matcha powder

4 tbsp of pistachio paste

1 tsp vanilla essence

Top Layer:

1/2 400ml can of coconut cream,

60g of cacao,

2tsp of vanilla essence

3 tbsp of maple syrup

decorate with chopped pistachios and optional edible flowers


Blitz the nuts, coconut oil and salt together in a blender to create a dough.

Then push this dough into a cake tin. I used a 9x4 silicon loaf tin but this can be made in a round cake tin also. Pop it in the freezer to harden while you prepare the next layer.

Blend your matcha, coconut cream, pistachio paste and vanilla together in a nutri bullet and add to your biscuit layer. Place in the freezer again to harden.

Next blend your top layer of cacao, vanilla, coconut cream and maple syrup in a nutri bullet and spoon on top of pistachio layer.

Place in the fridge to harden before serving and decorate with edible flowers or sprinkle chopped pistachios on top.

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